Shelford Hill


These are the thoughts and scribblings of a rambler, a dabbler, a noise-maker, a brick-layer.

In many ways, I've always had an abstract fascination with music. Abstract because my own dilettantism had led me far from being able to read music or play an instrument. I was struck many times by the desire to "do music", but without the skills to do so in a traditional manner, I was stuck.

A number of breakthroughs helped me along:

  1. the discovery of musicians like Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Cage in my teenage years;
  2. the re-discovery of electronic music and monome in my late 20s (ie, the present); and
  3. the resolution that professionalism and virtuosity (while necessary and good) should not be a bar to experimentation, dabbling and (what might otherwise be called) folly.

In many ways, I've now come back full circle to the heady teenage years of just having fun and messing with things, without any real plan. This is a freeing prospect. I need to remind myself constantly that there are some things that are worth doing in and of themselves. Music is very well one of them.

Some of my music comes out as a shallow ford.

I am currently extremely inspired by monome and the norns.


A record of sessions past. This serves as a logbook for me and a reminder of what I've experimented with.

For more details about what I have been using, see tools.

19 June 2021

Tapes 0072, 0074

Sessions with:


14 to 15 June

Tapes 0052, 0060, 0062

Sessions with:

Late May-Early June 2021

Tapes 0028 to 0040

Sessions with:

Layering using tape:

  1. Subsets piano
  2. Field recordings through twine
  3. Samples through twine
8 May 2021

Session with:

Sound vs music; textures; micro-sounds; sounds within sounds. Bubbling waters, underwater, submerged, filtering, clicks.

5 May 2021

Session with:

Thinking about: (a) how to combine sounds & music; (b) what is the significance of discovering sounds within sounds; (c) how to listen, how to perform, how to listen when not performing.

27 April 2021

Gurgles - rivulets - water - streams - depths - underground - life

Session with:

24 April 2021

Session with:

10 April 2021


Session with: