Shelford Hill


A record of sessions past. This serves as a logbook for me and a reminder of what I've experimented with.

For more details about what I have been using, see tools.

Late May-Early June 2021

Tapes 0028 to 0040

Sessions with:

Layering using tape:

  1. Subsets piano
  2. Field recordings through twine
  3. Samples through twine
8 May 2021

Session with:

Sound vs music; textures; micro-sounds; sounds within sounds. Bubbling waters, underwater, submerged, filtering, clicks.

5 May 2021

Session with:

Thinking about: (a) how to combine sounds & music; (b) what is the significance of discovering sounds within sounds; (c) how to listen, how to perform, how to listen when not performing.

27 April 2021

Gurgles - rivulets - water - streams - depths - underground - life

Session with:

24 April 2021

Session with:

10 April 2021


Session with: