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Shelford Hill

A Note

On what this is, and what it is not

This is a rough-and-not-so-ready compendium of various resources, readings, and reflections surrounding the themes of major liturgical events in the Christian calendar. I take, for my purposes, reference from the Book of Common Prayer, specifically the 2019 edition that has been carefully prepared by the Anglican Church in North America. I do not intend to defend every choice made in this edition of the BCP (more than anything else, I do not have much to say), but this is the prayerbook that my family and I use, so that's pretty much that.

None of this is authoritative in any way, and those interested should consult their own prayerbooks or more helpful sources online (see especially The Lectionary Page for an online resource of a much higher caliber).

Pax et bonum


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